Collection of tiny Perl scripts written by Dmitry Shurupov.
All of them are absolutely free and open source (GNU GPL).
The software is provided with no warranty. Use it at your own risk.


  last release: 1.2.0 (released: 06.02.2006 & bugfixed: 07.02.2006; ChangeLog; FAQ; INSTALL)
  download: lftpsearch-1.2.0.tar.bz2 (~18 KB)
  download: lftpsearch-1.2.0-ru.tar.bz2 (Russian version; ~18 KB)
   — OS: UNIX, GNU/Linux (and Windows?);
   — software: Perl; Web server (tested with Apache only);
   — Perl modules: Time::localtime; CGI; Net::FTP;

lftpsearch is a set of Perl scripts that are searching for files and directories on FTP servers. There is the searcher, the indexer for getting the lists of all the files and directories at remote FTP servers, and the onliner for checking whether FTP servers are online. It supports «+» (or « ») and «*» in search queries, page splitting at search results, searching on online servers only, searching for files/directories only, searching for size limited files, caching, and Russian names. It also shows some statistics on servers (files/directories amount, total size). Initially, it was created to be used over LANs.


  last release: 1.2.0 (+ 07.12.2004 FIX; released: 02.12.2004; ChangeLog; FAQ)
  download: senddfbymail-1.2.0.tar.bz2 (~12 KB)
   — server OS: UNIX, GNU/Linux;
   — server software: Perl; sendmail;
   — Perl modules: Net::HTTP; Net::FTP; MIME::Lite; Time::localtime;

senddfbymail is a Perl script (with Web interface) that can download files from the Internet (via FTP or HTTP), split them into parts, and e-mail them to the user.


  last release: 1.0.1 (released: 05.04.2004; ChangeLog; FAQ)
  download: stat4proftpd-1.0.1.tar.bz2 (~8 KB)
   — OS: UNIX, GNU/Linux;
   — software: Perl; ProFTPD;
   — Perl modules: Time::localtime;

stat4proftpd is a Perl script (with console interface) that shows some statistics (input/output traffic, the most requested files, the most active users) taken from the default TransferLog file(s) created by ProFTPD.


  E-mail: root (at) nixp (dot) ru
  URL: (in Russian)